About Us

 What we offer here at Te Rerenga School…

You will be joining a school that brings different coastal communities together with a shared focus upon maximising learning and opportunities for our children. 

 We believe that children need to feel safe and happy so that they can learn and we have a school culture where we care for and are kind to each other. We believe that learning is exciting, fun and interesting and we offer a range of experiences and opportunities for our children. We prioritise reading, writing and maths but connect this to our inquiry learning for the term to provide as many interesting experiences for learning as possible.

 We have a week-long senior class camp every 2 years and these alternate between a confidence-building experience and a city experience in Wellington. We believe experiences like this build such incredible memories for our children and we want their eyes wide open to the world when they leave us as confident, actively involved year 8’s.

We have a school Pet Day and Science fair which run on alternate years and they provide opportunities for whanaungatanga…our school and community coming together. 

We have land and lots of it! As a result we have a strong sustainability focus at our school and are always looking for ways to develop our school paddocks in ways that make learning connections for our children. In 2016 we moved some chickens in to school and in 2017 we established a garden to ensure we can eat all that we grow.  In 2023 we have added a pump track to allow the children to experience physical activity.

We have an extremely supportive, proactive and committed Board of Trustees who are now in their 2nd term of governance. We have 7 experienced and knowledgeable teachers who run engaging and interesting classroom programmes.