Enrolment Procedures

New entrant students can be enrolled on their fifth birthday.

Students moving from other schools can be enrolled at anytime.

Click the following link to take you to the online enrolment form. https://enrolments.linc-ed.com/apply/NZ/2021

There are other documents additional to the online form, please email admin@tererenga.school.nz to request the documents and also to introduce yourself if you haven't previously done so.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: Phone 07 866 4096 or email admin@tererenga.school.nz

Starting your Child as a New Entrant

We encourage parents to visit with their child prior to enrolment. This may be arranged by contacting the school office. We offer pre-school visits once a week from 9-10.30 and we are happy to make this a morning that suits you and your family. Parents are required to stay in the school grounds for the duration of a pre-school visit. Children and parents are welcome to stay for morning tea and playtime from 10.30-11.10.

The purpose of these visits is to help your child feel comfortable and build familiarity with the organization, environment, teacher and other children. It enables children to begin to form some relationships which help them with their transition from preschool to school. It also gives parents an opportunity to see how things are done at Te Rerenga School. We usually recommend 4-6 visits before starting full-time enrolment.

We understand that choosing a school for your preschooler is one of the biggest decisions you will make and we are happy to discuss any questions or worries you may have.

When enrolling a child on their fifth birthday their Birth Certificate and Immunisation Certificate (complete or incomplete from the back of their Well Child Book) must be produced.

The sooner we know that your child is enrolling as a NE the better organised we can be for our classroom organisation. The Ministry of Education do not provide funding for staffing until children are enrolled in school so the sooner you can let us know when your child will be starting the easier it is for us.

Enrolling at any other age

Our school caters for students from NE to year 8. If you wish to enrol your child at any year level you can make a time to come in with your child and visit their new classroom and have a look around our school by emailing Mary Kedzlie the Principal at principal@tererenga.school.nz or giving us a ring in the school office. We want to make this transition as smooth and easy for your family as possible so this is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have.