Getting Hero - our Communication app.

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All school communications, reporting information, including learning comments, goals and student achievement information are shared via Hero. If you haven't already accessed your child's Hero page please follow these steps to do so. 

How do I access the Hero Linc-ed Parent Portal for the first time to view my child's learning? 

1. Download the Hero by LINC-ED app from the app store

Note: use the keywords Hero LINC-ED when searching for the app

Alternatively, open your browser and enter

2. Click NEW USER

3. Enter the email address you have provided the school and click REQUEST PASSWORD LINK

If your email address is not accepted, please contact your school.

4. You will receive a message confirming a password email has been sent

5. Open your email inbox and click on the Hero Password Reset email

If you do not receive a Hero Password Reset email, check your spam folder.

6. Open the email and click RESET MY PASSWORD

7. Enter a secure password (8 or more characters), verify this password then click SET PASSWORD

8. You will receive a confirmation message. Click SIGN IN

9. Enter your email address and your newly set password. If you are using a public device or do not want your password auto-saved, tick This is a public device

10. Click SIGN IN